We offer a range of services

Through our collaborators, we are able to offer services that extend to video & retail marketing & mobile apps development. With our business collaborators, we are also able to offer exclusive workshops & one to one training.

Online Media

Websites, Mobile Apps- the world of business demands that you are connected. Training services for clients, one to one tutorials on how to manage your web content.

Graphic Design

The art of communication from a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio. Projects range from print-based, web-based, video, interactive media to installation.

Communication & Relationships

Consultation on design, cultural context and design within communication strategies. We work with a broad range of customers.


Development from seeds to conception of ideas, to fullfilment of projects. We work with clients step-by-step through the creative process so that the final projects honour the original idea.


Marketing needs good graphic design. Without good design & strong ideas, the world will not notice you. Graphic design, video marketing, mobile apps & social online media is vital to your business.

Design Solutions & workshops

We find solutions to all your communication & design needs. We offer workshops & one-to-one training sessions for clients to fit within busy schedules & preferred locations.

  • Reputation

    We have strong relationships with our clients.

    Clients' needs are paramount.

  • Creativity

    We work across a range of multi-media platforms.

    We value 'out of box thinking'.

  • Capability

    We have improved communication strategies for multiple events.

    The interconnectedness of people across the globe creates an environment that sees the potential for almost anything imagined to become reality.

Price range for websites